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Published on June 30th, 2010 | by Sharilyn Johnson


Hey! It’s more from the TVA podcast!

By now I’m sure you’ve ALL listened to my interview with Todd Van Allen & co on the Hey! It’s TVA! podcast. Right? Right.

I had SO much fun recording the show, and the hour flew by at breakneck speed. (Except for the band interruptions. Those were nice lengthy moments of awkwardness.) Naturally, there’s LOTS we skipped over or only half-explored, and I feel it’s my duty as a narcissist to let you in on the extended dance mixes of what was talked about.

And if you haven’t listened yet? For shame! Check out the podcast first, and then come back to enjoy my top 5 Cliff’s Notes-style additions to my conversation with the boys:


The oft-mentioned NEXUS card was never explained! Tragic. NEXUS, for those unaware, is a card that you get that allows you to cross the border without getting stuck in long lineups. There is a comedy-related history behind my frequent visits to the USA. I’ll save that for my next TVA appearance.

2) Maron

I failed to elaborate on those “difficult questions” that Marc posed. Those were, in order of appearance: “why are you really not getting on stage anymore?” and “exactly what are you scared of?”. After excessive stammering, I assured him I’d get back in the standup saddle. So my motivation is the fact that I’m being held accountable by Marc friggin’ Maron. Though by the time I actually do it and proudly report back, I’m sure he’ll have completely forgotten that conversation.

3) CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival

If anyone ever accuses me of lacking diplomacy, I’ll happily show them the dent on my tongue for biting it so hard during this portion of the interview.

4) Reviewing vs. recapping

Perhaps it’s just semantics, but to me “reviewing” is a pretty black-and-white, X-stars-out-of-5 thing. I don’t like to cover events in that style unless I’m assigned to do so.

I cited the example of Craig Ferguson’s opening act for his recent Toronto show, who frankly was terrible. A general reporter – had any traditional publication sent one – would probably dismiss the set as “mediocre” or “lackluster”, generalizations that often don’t get explained. I prefer to go further and try to elaborate where I felt a performer went wrong, which I think is a deeper criticism and less reliant on cut-and-dry opinion of what’s funny. Can I just print “Comedy Analyst” on my business cards?

5) Getting pwn’d

Behold, the wisdom of the Twitter stalker we discussed — comments 2 & 4: http://www.third-beat.com/?p=1309

As you can see, she CLEARLY handed my ass to me. It’s totally understandable that she thought I deleted the entry out of shame and embarrassment. Good thing she became obsessed with me a month later, for about a day, otherwise I never would have learned my lesson! Ah, the joys of blogging.

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