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Published on June 13th, 2013 | by Sharilyn Johnson


Thursday’s Colbert Report taping cancelled after death of Stephen Colbert’s mother

(Above: Stephen honours his mother on her 92nd birthday, Nov. 6, 2012.)

Click here for a transcript and video of Colbert’s moving tribute to his mother on the 6/19 episode of the Colbert Report.

Update 6/19: Tonight will be a new episode, with guests The Postal Service.

Update 6/18 #2: The Colbert Report website’s “upcoming guests” section has been restored with new shows scheduled for June 19 and June 20, but nothing has been promoted on the show’s Facebook or Twitter pages as of yet.

Update 6/18: Ticketholders for the Tuesday, June 18 taping (with guest Jeremy Scahill) were informed yesterday that their taping was cancelled. At this point, it should be assumed that the Wednesday, June 19 taping (with guests The Postal Service) and Thursday, June 20 taping (with guest Joss Whedon) will be cancelled as well. Comedy Central has not been providing public updates, and the “upcoming guests” feature on the Colbert Report website has been removed.

Update 6/17: The Monday, June 17 episode (with guest Sen. Olympia Snowe) has reportedly been cancelled and replaced with a repeat, with new episodes returning Tuesday.

Original post:

Thursday night’s Colbert Report will be a rerun so that its star, Stephen Colbert, can be with his family after his mother, Lorna Colbert, died Wednesday at the age of 92. This according to Dan Dinello, via Twitter, who has worked with Stephen and whose nephew (Paul Dinello) and son (Bryan Dinello) are on staff of the Report. Dinello also tweeted that Lorna died one hour prior to yesterday’s hour-long episode featuring Paul McCartney. (As of 6/14, both tweets have been deleted.)

Lorna Colbert’s obituary appears on the Charleston’s Post and Courier website. The family has asked for donations to the Medical University of South Carolina Foundation for the Dr. James W. Colbert Endowment Fund.

In February of 2012, production of the show was suspended so Stephen could be at his mother’s side after an unspecified medical emergency.

“She gave us a real scare this year,” he told Oprah Winfrey in an interview last September.

Lorna spoke about her son on the South Carolina talk show The Big Picture in 2008:

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9 Responses to Thursday’s Colbert Report taping cancelled after death of Stephen Colbert’s mother

  1. Fred C Dobbs says:

    Stephen Colbert is a class act, a family man, and the closest thing to a Renaissance Man that this era has produced (not to mention hysterically good at his work).

    His mother was obviously a champion at her job, to produce and raise him to be as he is. We are all in her debt. Requiescat In Pace.

  2. Jimmie Malone says:

    I had tickets to the June 18 taping (today) of The Colbert Report but received an email yesterday notifying me that the taping had been canceled due to the death of Stephens mother.

  3. Sharilyn Johnson says:

    Thank you for the info, Jimmie. I expect this means reruns through the remainder of the week.

  4. Stan says:

    Why hasn’t Colbert been asked to host the Oscars? He is such a logical choice, I think he would do a great job. I’m getting a petition going. My sympathies for his mother, I also lost my mother last year.

  5. Sharilyn Johnson says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, Stan.

    I think when it comes to awards shows, Stephen’s character is best in small doses. In order to truly succeed as a good host, he’d have to do it as himself, and I doubt he sees that as a useful exercise in a performance situation. I suspect there’s a similar reason behind why we haven’t seen him host SNL (as much as I’d love to see that).

  6. David Sorge says:

    I was on the site complaining about the reruns. Glad that it didn’t post! My condolences to Stephan and the family. I wish they had put something on there site. Thanks for the update.

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  8. Fred C Dobbs says:

    On the day I learned of her death, I (more clumsily than he, surely) made the points he did in his tribute to her: “If you like me, then that’s because of my mom…” [paraphrasing]

    Mrs. Colbert didn’t raise anyone but a genius and a true class act in Stephen Colbert; this nation, and indeed the world, owes her much.

  9. ROZ says:


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