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Published on July 29th, 2011 | by Sharilyn Johnson


Nerdist Podcast – Live at JFL

This is tough to admit, because I know I’ll be judged harshly: I’m not a nerd.

I don’t own an iPhone. I don’t know the difference between DC and Marvel. I haven’t even seen Star Wars. I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

But the Nerdist podcast is one of my must-downloads. Why? Maybe it’s because anyone talking about what they’re passionate about is always interesting. So what if I don’t know what a TARDIS is? (That’s not an invitation to explain it to me. Really.)

So it was with great enthusiasm that I joined an appreciative crowd full of nerds (and one zombie) to enjoy the Thursday evening taping of the Nerdist podcast in Montreal, complete with Chris Hardwick, trusty sidekicks Matt Mira and Jonah Ray and special guests Bill Burr and Reggie Watts.

I know how you nerd types feel about spoilers, so here’s a very vague rundown of what we learned along the way, lest an angry geek stab me with a pen for revealing too much.

-Everything Matt knows about Montreal, he learned from one sketchy bartender.

-Whose dead baby joke was cut from the Dr. Who episode?.

-How sports are like nerditry, and what qualifies as the nerd equivalent of the ESPN Zone.

-A Chuck Muncie reference works in ANY room.

-What Montreal’s Chinatown should be renamed to.

-What Chris’s wristwatch WON’T do.

-What about blowjobs?

Confused? Intrigued? Good. Watch for the episode to drop soon!

All photos copyright Sharilyn Johnson.

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