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Rape-ier Wit

I try to limit clown-related posts, because not every comedy fan is really into that. But oh, I promise this slice of insanity will be worth your time.

Rosie and LouLou are two young theatrical clowns in Toronto. I’ll define “theatrical” as being a character-driven, engaging on an emotional level, sometimes holding-a-mirror-up type of thing.

There’s an unspoken (ok, sometimes quietly spoken) disdain towards birthday party clowns among many of us theatrical-leaning folks. There are also some theatrical clowns who will want to kill me for writing that. It’s a bit of a sensitive subject.

Making the situation even better? The folks over at the Clown Forum, a sunshine-and-rainbows gathering place for those who can twist a mean balloon dog.

Rosie and LouLou recently starred in their own short film, where they interact with passers-by during the workday in Toronto’s financial district. The producer of said film decided to spread the link around. One of the places given a soft-sell “check this out” message was the supposedly friendly “Introductions” section of the forum.

Things got real interesting, real fast.

Aside from the opinion from the heavily greasepainted set that “these girls are not clowns”, the 5 pages of comments (and counting) contain this little gem: beating out Justin Bieber and Nir Rosen for genius quote of the week, is that Rosie and LouLou were tempting rape.

Yes, rape. That kind of rape.

Context? You got it:

“Girls acting flirty around strangers can get them in trouble. As they are acting silly around strange men, the men may be (hopefully not!!!!) sizing them up for a possible rape.”

“they, wisely, went out as a pair and stuck together”

“What they are doing can be dangerous. I think most fathers who have daughters would agree.”

I’ve recently been working in one of the buildings they filmed in front of. The only time I’ve felt violated was when I had to pay $7 for an orange juice in the underground mall.

Whether you think the film is any good is totally up to you. Check it out:

I think it’s decent. It’s fun. I had no desire to drag them behind a Starbucks and sexually assault them, but maybe that’s just me. They have some developing to do, in my opinion, but so does everyone pursuing that work.

Perhaps they should meet the rainbow afro types halfway, and incorporate more props into their next film. May I suggest a whistle and some bear spray?

Requisite plug: Rosie & Lulu will take the stage at Toronto’s Bad Dog Theatre this Monday night, as part of the final Red Nose District show before the venue shuts its doors at the end of the month. I encourage everyone in the city to make it there while they still have the chance! I’ve had the pleasure of taking a ridiculous number of improv classes at Bad Dog, and I can occasionally be found helming the box office or photographing shows. And Red Nose District is always full of my friends, including producer / unsung hero Dave McKay. So be there, mmmkay? (And be careful, ladies, because it’ll be dark out at that hour.)

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