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Published on October 18th, 2010 | by Sharilyn Johnson


Third Frames: Paul F. Tompkins Returns to the Rivoli

Paul F. Tompkins goes over his notes backstage at the Rivoli. Photo by Sharilyn Johnson.

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of the “Tompkins300” – the surprisingly successful cart-before-the-horse approach to filling the seats before booking the gig – Paul F. Tompkins was back in Toronto Sunday for two easily sold-out shows at the Rivoli.

As far as comedy fans are concerned, Tompkins is a rock star in this city. The post-show lines for autographs can only be described as “winding”, and fan after fan received gleeful welcomes upon introducing themselves only by their Twitter handles.

I watch a lot of comedy. Sometimes, like this week (six shows in four days) it can feel like too much. But rarely have I been part of an audience that packed, in a room that small, laughing that hard. I don’t care how cheesy the word “electric” sounds – it’s the only one that fits. Last night made it really easy to remember why I love comedy. And it’s easy to see why Paul loves Toronto.

Thank you to Paul and mastermind Bob Kerr for an incredible evening. (And thanks to opener Kathleen Phillips for the info on Girls Night Out wine.)

Full set of show photos can be found here.

Full set of backstage photos can be found here.

Paul F. Tompkins gives us a piece of his mind at his second of two shows, Sunday night at the Rivoli. Photo by Sharilyn Johnson.


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