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Recommended: NY Clown Theatre Festival

I happened to be in NYC this past weekend and caught just a sliver of the New York Clown Theatre Festival at the adorable Brick Theatre in Brooklyn (seriously, I had no idea it was SO tiny).

The three-week festival started Friday, and Gothamist has a great recap of the opening-night insanity and a preview of what’s to come. But of course it took no time for someone in the comments to pipe up with “I fuckin hate clowns”.

God bless America.

People, I implore you. Give it a shot. It’s not what you think it is.

Especially if you’re a creator of other forms of comedy, go see at least one show during the festival. These performers are armed with strong characters, strong points of view, wicked-fast improv muscles, and crowd interaction skills that rival that of even the best road comics. All that, and often done without even speaking.

Let your too-cool-for-school guards down for five minutes, and you might actually be impressed by it all.

Full lineup can be found here: http://www.bricktheater.com/clown

My picks:

Morro & Jasp Do Pubert:
The duo from here in Toronto have made a huge name for themselves on the Fringe circuit, and deserve every one of the five stars in the reviews they get. (Sept. 9th @ 8:30pm; Sept. 10th @ 9pm; Sept. 12th @ 9pm)

Neon Lights
My friends Jeff Seal and Chris Manley shed their noses to channel an old-timey vaudeville duo. Wackiness ensues! (Sept. 8th @ 8pm; Sept. 13th @ 9pm; Sept. 18th @ 8pm; Sept. 22 @ 7pm)

For those who like a little “whaaaat?” in their viewing experience. (Sept. 9th @ 7pm; Sept. 11th @ 10pm, Sept. 12th @ 5pm, Sept. 13th @ 7pm)

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