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Published on September 7th, 2010 | by Sharilyn Johnson


Colbert Rally Update (spoilers)

Could the rally become reality? There’s now officially some hope the grassroots campaign to hold a “Restore Truthiness” rally in Washington may just happen, based on Tuesday night’s editions of the Daily Show and Colbert Report.

It started when Jon Stewart teased a huge announcement on tonight’s Daily Show – droning on and on about something Earth-shattering that would happen in the future.

Scratch that. Actually, it started days earlier, as Colbert then explained on tonight’s Colbert Report. The viral support of a Colbert Rally to answer Glenn Beck’s Washington event started on Reddit, moved to Facebook, and now has its own site.

He made a big to-do about how as of today, “restoring truthiness” was the #1 search topic on Google. Suck it, “Venus Williams US Open outfit” and “Rosh Hashanah”! Which sounds like Miley Cyrus’s Jewish alter-ego, he observed. When a photo manip of a Jewish Miley Cyrus promptly appeared, Colbert improvised a little hello wave to former Executive Producer Allison Silverman, whose dark curls were clearly used in the Photoshop job.

But should he hold the rally? This would require some introspection. He looked for answers from a real live goose dubbed “Geese Witherspoon”, then a bottle of Grey Goose, and then the clip of Jon teasing the announcement.

So after all this, what IS the announcement? Well, we’ll have to wait and see. Colbert promises an announcement to follow, which will be “BYOG” (bring your own goose).

Let’s face it, though – the Report doesn’t start things it can’t finish, and the synergy between the two shows rivals that of the Huckabee/Conan saga during the writer’s strike. You can be sure this is going somewhere… and that somewhere is most likely Washington.

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