Published on September 3rd, 2010 | by Sharilyn Johnson


Media fail du jour: Louis CK and the Huffington Post

Anyone who follows Louis CK online by any means – his blog, Twitter, posts on AST, etc. – knows that he puts a lot of thought into his communication with his fans, whether it be for informative purposes or for entertainment.

What gives, HuffPo?

The last to get this memo? The Huffington Post.

Louis tweeted up a storm yesterday, during one of his “drunken” twitter rants. He’s done this before, and it always involves cracks about Sarah Palin’s nether-regions that are so straightforwardly douchey that you have to lol.

The “angry drunk tweeting” shtick is entertaining. He knows it’s entertaining. And he knows that because he’s not actually a crazy drunk person.

But the Huffington Post, trying to hold onto what dignity it once had as a legitimate news source, has decided to frame this scandalous drunken twitter rage as an actual scandalous drunken twitter rage. They’ve posted screencaps of the offending tweets, along with a concise play-by-play of the events.

“The rant was pretty offensive and contained plenty of slurs, but we have to say Palin took the most blows. Later, C.K. even tweeted a confusing and offensive rant directly to her by using her Twitter handle.”

Huffington Post, you sweet little thing. *pat* *pat* I’m going to let you in on a secret: sometimes, comedians say things known as “jokes”. It’s what they make their living doing. And sometimes, these jokes aren’t real. I know, I know, it’s shocking! Imagine my horror when I learned that Jerry Seinfeld didn’t lose a sock in the dryer EVERY time he did laundry.

(And at the risk of completely robbing you of ALL your innocence, I’ll tell you that Louis and Todd Barry don’t actually hate each other. I’ll give you a minute to digest that.)

I think the lesson here is obvious: comics, just stick to pimping out your tour dates and nothing else. Because according to the HuffPo, tweeting is serious business.


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