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Published on May 1st, 2010 | by Sharilyn Johnson


Eddie Izzard in Toronto

Eddie Izzard at Torontos Massey Hall.

Eddie Izzard at Toronto's Massey Hall.

With a show entitled “Stripped”, one might expect Eddie Izzard’s current show – which he’s toured with for exactly 2 years – to cover some sexy topics. But what Izzard unleashed on the April 30 crowd at Massey Hall (his first of four shows) was the history of the world, covering “everything that’s ever happened, along with a few gaps because it’ll be a long show.”

From even the requisite Canadian references off the top (“Thank you for World War II. Nobody ever says that, do they?”) Izzard was his regular top-of-his-intelligence self, downplaying his recent marathon of marathons as being “nothing” compared to Terry Fox.

He told us he doesn’t believe in God, but he believes in us, in humanity. That didn’t stop him from reenacting biblical touchtones like the animals boarding the arc and the genesis of the ten commandments. From the creation of Earth, to dinosaurs, the development of language, the Spartans, the Egyptians, and more, Izzard mixed his never-dry lessons with oddly perfect tangents about Shirley Temple, updating iTunes, and yes – bees.

Performing for about two hours and 45 minutes – minus a 20-minute intermission – his recent marathon project no longer seems as unfathomable.

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