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Published on October 13th, 2009 | by Sharilyn Johnson


Comedian Talk Show Appearances: Week of October 13

Yep, listings are late, but those of us in Canada have been busy munching on turkey & stuffing for the past 3 days. Trust me, compared to what Americans put US through during YOUR Thanksgiving, this is nothin’. We’re forced to celebrate “crappy tv day”, watching Wizard of Oz for the umpteenth time, able to calm our seething only by mocking those freezing their butts in line all night at your Best Buys.

But enough about you. Here’s whats coming up this week on the talk shows. Remember last week I mentioned the Colbert guest who would kinda jump out at you (if you’re in the know)? He’s on here.

Tuesday, October 13
David Letterman: Aziz Ansari
Conan O’Brien: Eddie Izzard
Jimmy Fallon: Andy Samberg, Greg Proops
Colbert Report: David Javerbaum*

Wednesday, October 14
David Letterman: Tina Fey
Jay Leno: Bill Cosby
Jimmy Fallon: Monty Python [ed. note: oh hells yes] Jimmy Kimmel: Jamie Foxx

Thursday, October 15
David Letterman: Don Rickles
Jay Leno: Jeff Dunham
Conan O’Brien: Matt Braunger
The View: Tina Fey
Regis and Kelly: John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Mario Lopez [ed. note: one of these things is not like the others…]

Friday, October 16
Jimmy Fallon: Eddie Izzard, Amy Schumer
The View: Greg Proops

*Alert late-night tv fans will recognize DJ Javerbaum’s name. He’s the former Executive Producer of the Daily Show, and longtime writer there during Colbert’s tenure as a correspondent. Javerbaum also co-wrote those catchy tunes in last year’s A Colbert Christmas special. Long story short? He knows Colbert’s game. If this is supposed to be a typical guest interview, the writers have a tough job ahead of them to come up with questions that will “trap” DJ (yup, it’s the writers’ job, and “trap” is the general mandate). He’s a smart guy, and will be pretty in-step with Stephen comedically. A standard improvised interview is intriguing, but they may opt for something more planned-out. Time will tell.

Incidentally, DJ is plugging his new book, What To Expect When You’re Expected. What I’ve seen of it is hilarious, as is the accompanying twitter account which is totally worth following. Very much looking forward to this!

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