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Published on October 2nd, 2009 | by Sharilyn Johnson


Stupid Heavy Petting Tricks

So I dunno if anyone has heard, but Letterman got himself some young-assistant tail a while back. And Michael Jackson died, apparently.

Amid all the sex, extortion, etc etc etc, the big question has gone unasked: exactly how do-able IS Dave Letterman? And how does he stack up against the other comedians we figuratively go to bed with every night?

Ladies (and gents), have your say, and let me know whose desks you’d willingly get under.

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About the Author

is the author of the book Bears & Balls: The Colbert Report A-Z. Called "one of the city’s most discriminating comedy critics” by NOW Magazine, Sharilyn has been covering comedy for longer than she cares to admit. She served as the comedy reporter for Winnipeg's Uptown Magazine for five years, and was the host of the radio show Laugh Tracks for three seasons. Her work has also appeared in the Toronto Star, the Winnipeg Free Press, The Apiary, and on CBC Radio's national comedy programs LOL and Definitely Not the Opera.

3 Responses to Stupid Heavy Petting Tricks

  1. Rae says:

    I lie awake every night thinking about Stephen Colbert’s sexy manhood…

  2. Tracey Allan says:

    Having a bit of a catch-up session… like the new design, BTW… :)

    As for doable comedians… From that list, it’s gotta be Jon.

    I’m a big subscriber to the concept of ‘comedy-hot’ as you well know… It’s why I’ve had a crush on Hugh Laurie for waaaay longer than I care to remember… :blush:

  3. Sharilyn says:

    Thanks hon!

    I think a “comedy hot” post is comin’ down the pipe. I’ll curate a gallery of my own, and open it up for debate. =)

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