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Published on September 29th, 2009 | by Sharilyn Johnson


Needles in the Google Alert Haystack

It’s pretty tempting to skip over mentions of Louis CK in online news these days, with the release of The Invention of Lying (review) coming up this Friday. But it’s a good time to pay attention. Louis is also in the midst of a Canadian theatre tour, with many cities across the country experiencing him for the first time since becoming the major draw that he is. There’s lots of mainstream press, and it’s worth taking a look at.

The Globe & Mail is one of Canada’s national newspapers, and I was alerted to the print version of this story while looking over an 8 year old girl’s shoulder on the subway (we breed our comedy nerds young up here). I prefer the photo over what I perceive was the line of questioning, but it contains some great quotes from Louis:

Another Canadian institution, CBC Radio, stepped up with a killer interview on Q with Jian Ghomeshi (non-Canucks will know this as the show Billy Bob Thornton had his meltdown on). Louis talks about how he thinks his tickets are too expensive, his distaste for calling himself an “artist”, dealing with the dark parts of life, the comedic benefits of getting older, and having material stolen.

Direct download; interview starts at the 20:00 point:

Jim Slotek, who is on a very short list of comedy journalists I deeply admire, provides this one for Sun Media and mercifully asks about Louis handling his divorce on stage. This (somewhat disjointed?) version is from the London Free Press, but expect to see reprints in other local Sun papers as Louis’ tour progresses.

I won’t subject everyone to yet another review of his show after I see him in Toronto this weekend. I accept that I cannot do the man justice or properly explain his greatness, so I’m throwin’ in the towel on that (for now). You can still read my previous attempts after his Just For Laughs shows in Montreal and Toronto in July, and Toronto last December, and assume that I would be gushing in a similar manner come Sunday.

Edit long after the fact: still not reviewing the show (though it was superawesome!), but figured I should include the name of the opener, since people are trying to Google it, landing here, and not finding the answer. The man you’re looking for is Ted Alexandro. And you’re correct in wanting to find more from him.

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