Published on September 22nd, 2009 | by Sharilyn Johnson


Photoblog: Toronto Improv Festival Kickoff

On Monday evening, Toronto’s Comedy Bar hosted night 1 of the Toronto Improv Festival, with Toronto’s own WDWMKR, Standards & Practices, and the Carnegie Hall Show.

The Toronto Improv Festival runs nightly to Saturday night, with improvisors from Chicago, Philadelphia, New York (lots of PIT teams this year!) and Richmond, VA joining in as the week progresses. For the full schedule of shows (including the intriguing theme shows like After Schul Special and Improv Prom), visit the Festival website.

WDWMKR: Annie Bankes, Meagan Crump, Janet Davidson,
Kirsten Gallagher, Jess Grant, Paloma Nunez, and Mandy Sellers.

Standards & Practices: Cameron Algie, Matt Folliott, Isaac Kessler,
Karen Stern, Sarah Tompson, Tom Vest, Kevin Whalen

Carnegie Hall Show: Matt Baram, Naomi Snieckus, Ron Pederson, & special guests

Executive Director Kevin Patrick Robbins officiates.

Executive Director Kevin Patrick Robbins officiates opening night.


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6 Responses to Photoblog: Toronto Improv Festival Kickoff

  1. paloma says:

    GREAT pics!

  2. Isaac Jew says:

    Awww yeah, da best.

  3. Zach Ward says:

    These shots are awesome Sharilyn! Thank you for publishing them so fast. Introduce yourself tonight. I’d love to talk about the blog.

  4. Sharilyn says:

    @ Paloma & Isaac — Thanks guys!

    @ Zach — look forward to chatting! May only make it to the late show tonight. I have to do some apartment tidying prior to hosting a festival performer for a few nights (hope to get the place a notch below “horrifying”).

  5. annie says:

    Those are awesome Sharilyn! Thanks so much for the festival coverage

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