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Del Close Marathon Countdown: Northshore Local

Throughout the week leading up to the 11th annual Del Close Marathon in New York, improv folks from all perspectives enlighten us with their expectations for this weekend’s 3-day improv extravaganza.

Today: Austin,TX group – and first-time DCM performers – Northshore Local prepare for their trek to New York.

Who the heck are you guys?

We’re a love-monkey of improvisers representing Austin to it’s fullest with the freshest Austinite attitude and a love for the nerdy. We like trains and beaches, and when we grow up we would like to be robots that shoot lasers from our eyes and make a mean set of pancakes.

How long has Marathon been on your radar as a group? When did you initially decide to submit?

We formed in August of 2008 and when we were setting goals for ourselves early on, we wanted to be ready and comfortable as a troupe to perform at the Del Close Marathon. I guess you can say it has been one of our goals from the beginning, something to look forward to. We were waiting for DCM to take submissions, and we are very excited to take part this year, just one year from when we began as a troupe.

Have any members of Northshore Local attended DCM, or the UCB, before this?

This is our first time as a troupe to attend DCM, and for most of us, if not all, this will be out first time individually experiencing the Marathon.

What kind of DCM survival tips have you gotten?

The advice we’ve been given by members of the Austin Improv Community that have been before are centered on the logistics of the Marathon, and Mom-and-Dad type advice… “Don’t forget to get your wristband the first day…Do as much as you can in the short amount of time you’re given…Relax and have a good time!…This is your chance to see the troupes you’ve been wanting to see since you began your improv career!…Workshops! Workshops! Workshops!”

Who are you most excited to watch perform during the weekend?

Some of us are really excited to see Horatio Sanz & The Kings of Improv, Baby Wants Candy, UCB, and of course we’d like to support all the other troupes from ColdTowne Theater and the Austin Improv Community by seeing their shows as well!

How do you expect this to be different from other improv festivals you’ve performed at?

This is our FIRST festival as a troupe! Some of us have been at other festivals as part of other troupes, but as a whole this will be out first. How exciting that our first festival is the DCM!

Northshore Local performs at the Del Close Marathon on Friday at 11:45pm, at Urban Stages.

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