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Published on February 18th, 2009 | by Sharilyn Johnson


Top 10 ways to ease the pain of Conan's final week

This is it, everyone.  It’s down to the final 3 episodes of Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

It’s going to be okay.  We’re going to be tough, right?  We’re going to make it through until Conan starts the Tonight Show, and it’ll feel exactly the same.  We’re not going to get teary-eyed at the realization that the show that defined our generation is being given an earlier bedtime.  And just because Dave left that timeslot and kinda turned into an old man doesn’t mean it will happen to Conan.  Or to us.


While we all question our own mortality as it relates to late night television, here are 10 ways to keep our minds occupied as the end creeps near.

10. Follow Bley on Twitter
Aaron  Bleyaert is a Conan researcher, responsible for the latenightunderground.com website and for writing the official show blog.  With his official researching duties over and done with, he’s now dropping mysterious tweets about upcoming episodes and goings on around the offices. Link.

9. Become an art admirer
Kevin Frank is a graphic artist for Late Night, and he has a portfolio of over 200 “bumper” graphics loaded to his Flickr.  You will be unable to pick a favourite.  Link.

8. Go on a YouTube bender
NBC yanks Conan videos wherever they find them, but one fan has compiled dozens of rare clips into a playlist that will eat up a significant portion of your workday.  Link.

7. Join the Brian Stack group hug
The longtime Conan writer is loved within the comedy community, and New York is sad to lose him to LA.  To read the warm fuzzies, visit the rapidly growing Improv Resource Center thank-you thread.  Link.

6. Get academic with Conan
It aired on Bravo just a few weeks ago, and I’ve already watched the 2-hour Inside The Actors Studio episode twice. Conan is rarely interviewed about comedy in a serious way.  It’s a shame, because he speaks brilliantly.  If you can’t sniff out a repeat on Bravo, you can download it here (you’re welcome): Link.

5. Let Andy Richter control your universe
The short-lived but wickedly funny comedy series is coming to DVD on March 24. Horray!  Pre-order at Amazon and count down the days.  Link.

4. Reunite with writers past
While you’re at it, preorder the Dana Carvey Show dvd, scheduled for release May 12.  Former Conan scribes Louis CK, Rob Smigel, and Dino Stamatopoulos warmed seats in the all-star writers’ room.  Link.

3. Go back to the beginning
Read reviews from 1993; laugh at general tone of uncertainty.

2. Download the first episode of Late Night
Understand what all those reviews were talking about, and wonder why you can’t remember Conan laughing uncomfortably every 15 seconds like that.  Link.

1. Reread my spectacularly detailed review of the Paley Centre panel with the writers of Late Night from last November! Link.

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